Herman Brother's Fish and Pond Analysis

Herman Brother's travel across the country consulting for fishing clubs, lake associations, campgrounds, and recreational lake and land owners. We also help 1,000’s of Lake and Pond Owners from around the nation with a very simple approach to Pond Management! Our team will help you create a Custom Management Plan to help you achieve your goals and easily manage your body of water! Simply fill out our free Fish and Pond Analysis form about your body of water and your situation:

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Successful Pond Management is not a one size fits all program. The more details you provide, the more effective solutions we will be able to provide. Once you have a custom pond management plan, managing your pond is a breeze.


Here is some additional information about ponds and products:


- Aeration
- Lake and Pond Design
- Excavating
- HB All-Seasons Bacteria
- HB Black and Blue Lake Dye
- Algaecides and Herbicides
- Aquamax Fish Food