Stagnant Water is a Major Environmental Hazard that affects nearly every Body of Water regardless of size. The more Water moves, the more it can clean itself from Toxic Gasses and Pollutants. Stagnant Water causes Foul Odors, Insect Breeding Grounds, Algae Blooms, and Excessive Organic Buildup to name a few. We use Aeration Systems to properly move and mix water. Moving Water is powerful and needs to be done properly, unfortunately many people do Aeration Systems wrong.

We can breathe new life into your Body of Water and help reverse the effects of Aging and Stagnation! The biggest key to growing Big Fish and creating the Perfect Swimming Hole is by maintaining Optimum Water Quality! Moving and Mixing Water properly is key. We Custom Design and Ship out Aeration Systems for Do-it-Yourself Clients in all 50 states. We also Install and Maintain Aeration Systems across the United States!

Herman Brothers not only provides the Proper Design and Equipment for your Application, but we provide the Customer Service and Support for your Aeration System. We make sure your system is installed correctly and running smoothly!

The Main Goal for Aeration Systems is to completely turn over the entire Volume of Water in your Lake or Pond every 24 hours. Doing this properly will eliminate most Fish Kills, Eliminate your Thermocline, Improve Water Quality, Increase Carrying Capacity, and Prolong the Life of your Body of Water! Other Uses for Aeration Systems are to Attract Fish to Strategic Moving Water Areas and we also use them for Attracting Wintertime Waterfowl!