Lake & Pond Design

Growing Trophy Fish and Maintaining Optimum Water Quality starts before the Lake or Pond is even constructed. Excavators and Earth Movers know Dirt and Dams, but unfortunately most of them don't know Fish and Water. We help create the absolute best Lake and Pond Designs for your Exact Situation.

In order for a Fish to grow into a Trophy, she needs to have the correct Habitat and Food Source from the moment she is born all the way to the end of her life when she is hanging on your wall. We design Bottom Contour to provide all necessary Habitat for every stage of life.

Designing a Lake or Pond is a very important often overlooked part of the Lake Building Process. We excel at getting your project started off on the right foot. We make sure your Body of Water is created to not only live a Long Life, but to live a long, quality life consistently producing Optimum Water Quality and Trophy Fish.

We design and build Lakes and Ponds locally, but we also come On-site to work with your Pond Builder anywhere in the USA to make sure your plan will succeed. We help pick out Dam, Boat Ramp and Dock Locations, Bottom Contour and Channels, Spawning Areas, Necessary Depths, and Structure Placements.

Don't wait until Construction is over to Contact Us for the Best Lake or Pond possible!