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Porcupine Fish Attractor Moss Back Concrete Block Adapter Moss Back Trophy Tree
Moss Back Trophy Tree
Our Price: $89.99
Designed to be a simple way to add habitat to your lake, attract fish, and do so without hanging lures. The Block Adapter secures a half or full cement block to the base of individual Mossback products to permanently secure the habitat in place and helps to ensure vertical placement.

The open spacing of the MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Tree provides plenty of undetected space for sport fish to hide and ambush prey. The Trophy Tree is most effective when strategically placed near a Root Wad or Safe Haven as these two create the perfect combination of attraction and protection giving you a simple, yet extremely effective habitat set up to catch more fish!

Moss Back Safe Haven Moss Back Dock Pro Kit Moss Back Safe Haven Kit
Moss Back Safe Haven
Our Price: $99.99
Moss Back Dock Pro Kit
Our Price: $329.99
Moss Back Safe Haven Kit
Our Price: $369.99
Double the size of the Root Wad, the Safe Haven is designed for deeper applications. Increase survival rates in your lake or pond by providing both shallow and deep water sanctuary for your fry and baitfish. Anglers will have great success fishing off or around a dock or pier with the Dock Pro Kit. At MossBack Fish Habitat, we’ve created products that are geared for great success from beneath the structure of a dock. Suspend a Safe Haven and two Trophy Trees from any dock or pier with the included cable kits to attract both bait and sport fish. Create the ultimate fishing experience by providing an ambush point by placing the Safe Haven between the two Trophy Trees. For optimal results use the Safe Haven as your centerpiece. All the benefits of the Trophy Tree and all the benefits of the Safe Haven neatly packaged with 3 cable kits to suspend your habitat under your dock or pier. This habitat holds bait fish and at the same time creates a feeding station for big trophy fish. Cluster three Safe Haven units together on a base to provide maximum sanctuary and shade for your fry and bait fish. Place a Safe Haven Kit near a Root Wad Kit to create the ultimate safe zone from shoreline to deeper water. It’s the density and cover you need to attract your bait fish which attract your ideal trophy fish. Find your favorite lure and enjoy making memories fishing around this fish habitat structure! Get all the benefits of the Safe Haven times 3!