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Redneck "Magik" Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner Redneck Blind Bow Holder Redneck Blind Window Gun Rest
Redneck Blind Bow Holder
Our Price: $24.99
Cleans and prevents Fogging of Hunting Blind Windows, Glass, Eyeglass Lenses, Camera Lenses, Optics, Goggles, Scuba Masks, whether glass or plastic.

Perfect accessory to rest you bow safely and quietly inside the blind.

Contours to any gun in order to remain steady for accurate shot placement.
Redneck Hunting Blind Gear Console Redneck Portable Hunting Chair
Helps to keep your Redneck Blind completely organized while having what you need within arms reach! Perfect portable chair for any sort of hunting set up, especially when using any of the Redneck Blinds.